Winter is coming and all of us need to stock up on our favorite spirits. But did you know that making home infused and naturally flavored rum at home could be fun and lip-smacking too?

This article tells you everything you need to know about creating the perfect pineapple infusion. Pineapple and rum is an old favorite combination. The sweetness and fruitiness of the pineapple merge perfectly with the deep flavor of a dark premium rum.

The process

Start by selecting a completely ripe pineapple. This will make it easier for the flavor to impart. You can try pulling onto the leaves of the pineapple to check if it is ripe. The leaves of a fully ripe pineapple will come off easily. The time duration for the whole process will be about 2 weeks so try to be patient and plan ahead.


  • medium pineapple
  • cups dark rum
  1. Cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple like you normally would. Then proceed to cut the pineapple in half vertically. Cut 1 half into 4 spears, 3 of which will be used for the infusion.
  1. Place 3 chunks of pineapple and rum in a sealable jar. You can also make use of a premium xxx Indian rum for even more depth in flavor. Place this jar in a dark and cool place!
  1. Take the jar out after 14 days and taste the rum. If the flavor is as per your liking, you may remove the pineapple and reseal the jar. If not, you can place the jar as is for another 2 – 4 days. This variation in taste can be due to the weather conditions around you.
  1. Don’t forget that you can easily make use of the boozy pineapples now! For instant use, you may insert them into a simple mocktail. It will add a tangy and flavorsome twist.

This simple and easy to do infusion will be your favorite for years to come. 1965 Spirit of Victory is great rum to pick for this infusion. Also, don’t forget that you can top this simple infusion with other fruits or use this rum in a simple cocktail.